Akiko Nails

Tired of having simple, solid colored nails and always wanting to spice up your look? Akiko Studio in New York has you covered. With two locations on Broadway and Rivington St., this salon offers everything you could want for your claws. Their range of designs, colors and patterns are pretty much every girly girl’s dream. Their abilities range from detailed portraits of anime characters or comic strips, watercolor designs with gold and pearl accents, adorable insects, neon graphics and more. Check out some of my favorites below:

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Images from @akiko_nails 

Nail design has taken flight since the early 2010’s and more and more people have accepted it as a serious art medium. Artists have adopted Japanese nail art methods consisting of applying 3D gems and polish to create masterpieces on each individual nail. Some styles feature piercings (seen on Kim K), acrylic bows, glitter, spirals, appliques in endless styles (hello kitty, bubbles, gems) and even injecting the nail with water–an insane and mesmerizing trend called Aquarium nails.

Finding a salon that practices Japanese nail art is tricky because there are truly only a handful in the city. This cult fashion trend is most popular in Japan, but is still an underground operation in the US. Everyone knows that Japanese culture embrace avant-garde fashion and put extreme effort in their fabulously extra outfits, but I think people in the States are a bit more hesitant to have this kind of busy design on their fingertips for everyday wear. Not to mention this kind of intricate, time-consuming, talent costs a pretty penny. $90 for gel or acrylic extensions and $80 for a refill and extra for designs.

But nonetheless, no matter what your style is, everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while. So go book an appointment for a mani or pedi because you won’t regret it.

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