Oliver Francis

So I’m scrolling through my Youtube page and come across a music video for a song called ‘Mud‘ by a rapper called Oliver Francis. The song dropped yesterday and already has 65,000 views on YouTube and 1,000 likes on SoundCloud. I click the link, and a blonde 20 year old wearing a Supreme hoodie, smoking in the dark comes onto my computer screen. So who is this young talent? I went ahead and began researching to find out.

In Francis’ latest song, ‘Mud’, the video consists of him and his friends in multiple locations smoking, rapping, and just chilling. I went back and checked out more of his stuff and found that he has a decent follower base, not to mention he makes his own beats.

He has three separate SoundClouds, one with over 40k followers and another with 12k and his Instagram has 27k followers. He’s essentially a YouTube artist and a SoundCloud rapper, a way many people today share their music and hope to one day get signed by a label. This method of music sharing through social media has had a popular rise in the past five years and it has fabricated a new genre of music with a particular style of hip hop mixed with trap/edm– commonly called Cloud Rap. It allows up and coming artists to become exposed in the music world, and Oliver Francis is proof. I see big things coming for this guy, and I encourage you to check him out as well.

Check him out on Instagram and Twitter.


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