Grill Point, Queens

8 Falafels for $8, open until midnight weeknights, and 100% Mediterranean and Isreali. There is literally nothing better than that. Oh wait, there is–it’s in Flushing.

That’s right kids, I found you the best Falafels you’ll ever shove into your mouths at 11 pm on a Wednesday after you’ve been couch-chilling for four hours and realize that twinge of pain in your stomach is a craving for some chickpea balls and a warm, home-like environment. So get off Netflix, put on some pants, link up with your down homies and head over to Grill Point in Queens for this must-have experience. This restaurant gives eaters a family-like dining experience and its the best place to bring a few friends or your entire family for good food and a few drinks.

Grill Point, established in 2003, is known for their fresh meats, shuwarma, kebobs, lamb chops, and more. Check out their amazing menu starting from $7 for the good stuff and around $20 for the really good stuff (cheapest item: small salad of your choice for $3.50, most expensive item: 3 person Mix Grill with spicy chicken, 3 types of kebab, and lamb chops for $52).

I know what you’re thinking: I can get bomb Falafels for $6 from the Halal Guys in midtown. As true as that may be you can’t put a value on the act of sitting in a place filled with such a rich culture–plus Action Bronson really likes this place so there’s that. Quit pretending your bigger than Queens, because Queens does Mediterranean food better than anyone else.

grill point    grill point fries

Find them at 6954 Main St, Flushing, NY 11367, open 11am to 12am Sunday through Friday.


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