Sidewalk Stops 4/14/17

One of my first spottings on the sidewalks of NYC Friday night was Jeb, a mysterious, quiet character smoking on a stoop which apparently didn’t belong to him. The air was humid and cold this night in the city, but nonetheless, Jeb sat content on the steps, scrolling through Highsnobiety’s latest snobshots, no doubt.  Slightly weirded out for the request of a picture, he insisted on staying sitting for the shots as I bombarded him with questions to which he barely answered. Humorous as this act of pulling teeth to find information was, I was faced with the challenge of finding the items to his 2 am stoop-smoking ensemble. He wore a 1994 off-white Supreme  hat from from one of their 2004 collections paired with a Binghamton University hoodie to stay warm and slit-bottom sweatpants– but the highlight of his outfit was definitely his shoes.


Image by Nike

Roundel x NikeLAB Air Zoom Spiridons 

Find them at Walmart for $230

The shoes first dropped November 2016 and featured Nike’s second collaboration with the British brand Roundel. The characteristics of the shoe are made up two colorways: blue and white. Each pair has the classic ‘Swoosh’ with a holographic spin to it and the alphabet in London Transport’s font all throughout the fabric. It has the regular Air Zoom style with a transparent eyestay and reflective tape on the sides. This shoe symbolizes the epitome of 90’s London underground and even has London Transport’s logo stitched onto the tongue of the sneaker.

Check out Nike’s press release about the sneaker here

Supreme is ruling the world right now, or at least the world of streetwear, and they’ve taken full advantage of their popularity most recently with weekly collection drops. Hypebeasts have taken to the streets to get their hands on everything and anything the brand releases, even the most recent product–the CashCannon, which has no purpose besides shooting fake hundred dollar bills. With streetwear trends on the rise in popular fashion, many people are trying to stay true to the original roots of where the style came from. Today, most millennials know of or wear Supreme, so its not difficult to find someone on the streets in the city wearing the brand, and its no surprise that Jeb is as well. Although his outfit is not stop-and-stare worthy, the essential items to his fit are worth talking about.



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